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Community Development Grant Program
I. Program Overview

Through the Community Development Grant Program, FNBO supports the implementation of community development activities in communities in which we operate and serve.

II. Program Goals

The goal of the Bank's Community Development Grant Program is to build strong and successful communities. Applicants requesting a Community Development Grant must currently be implementing or planning to implement a program, service, or initiative that will achieve one of the following community development goals for the benefit of low or moderate income individuals, families, and/or communities:

  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development1:
    • Grow local economies through small business and entrepreneurship development and job creation by supporting training, technical assistance, education and microfinance.
  • Affordable Housing & Neighborhood Stability1:
    • Increase access to safe, affordable, and quality housing through construction, site development, housing rehabilitation, homeownership education, or foreclosure prevention programs and services, or stimulate revitalization in blighted, underserved, and distressed communities.
  • Education & Workforce Development2:
    • Strengthen individual core competencies that will improve personal economic self-sufficiency, including financial education, adult basic education, and vocational and employability training.
III. Program Eligibility
  • Community Development Purpose:
    • Grants are awarded to support the grant program goals outlined above, which are: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development, Affordable Housing & Neighborhood Stability, and Education & Workforce Development
  • Tax Status:
    • Eligibility is limited to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are currently implementing or planning to implement programs, services, and initiatives that are consistent with the community development goals identified above.
  • Geography:
    • Organizations eligible for a Community Development Grant must serve a county listed in Appendix A in the “Counties Served” column, and the program/service/initiative must benefit individuals in one of the counties listed.
  • Program Beneficiaries:
    • The majority (51 percent or more) of the beneficiaries (individuals, families, and/or census tract(s)) of any grant funded program or service must be low or moderate income. Low or moderate income is defined as 80 percent or below the area Median Family Income. Grant applicants must demonstrate that a majority of the grant funded program beneficiaries are or will be low or moderate income by providing the specific data points requested in section 4 (Primary Beneficiary Information) for the target beneficiary group. Organizations that do not provide accurate or complete information will not be eligible for funding.
IV. Funding Parameters

Grants can support the direct implementation of programs, services, and initiatives of eligible nonprofit organizations, consistent with the grant program goals. Funds can be used to support program related expenses, including: personnel, supplies, materials, and sub-contracts. Grants may be used for funding multiple programs or general operating expenses if the organization’s mission and overall activities are consistent with the Community Development goals and a majority of the organization’s beneficiaries are low or moderate income. Grants should cover a period of one year; multiyear grant awards will be considered on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of FNBO. Grant funding should be expended within one year of the award, and grant renewals are not guaranteed.

Funding will not be provided to organizations or programs for the following purposes:
  • Organizations that are not tax-exempt defined by 501(c)(3)
  • Capital or endowment campaigns
  • Expenses for travel or for the benefit of an individual(s)
  • Political organizations or those that lobby as a primary area of focus
  • Health-or-disease specific programs or organizations
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Organizations outside of Bank’s geographic footprint
  • Fundraising events or sponsorships
V. Grant Application Requirements

Organizations applying for a Community Development grant must complete an online grant application and submit supplemental documentation.

FNBO Community Development Grants will be awarded twice per calendar year, and each cycle is dedicated to one or more specific goal area(s), as indicated in Table 1. Only grants related to the specified goal area will be accepted during each application period. Applications must be completed online and received within the time frame indicated below. Applications submitted outside of the designated goal area and/or time period will not be considered, and will not be retained for future rounds. For example, an application for an education and workforce training program submitted in Round 1 will not be held over and considered in Round 2. The applicant will need to reapply in the grant cycle designated to Education & Workforce Development programs. For additional information regarding alignment with FNBO goal areas, please review the information in Section 2 above, as well as Appendix C.

2020 Grant Cycle Applications Accepted Goal Area
Grant Cycle 1 Jan 8 - Jan 29 Affordable Housing & Neighborhood Stability
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development
Grant Cycle 2 June 3 - June 24 Education & Workforce Development
Table 1: Grant Cycles and Goal Areas
The following documents must be combined into one PDF document and submitted with the grant application:
  1. Program Budget – current year and forecast
  2. Board of Directors – Directors names, organization affiliation; and term of directorship
  3. Audited financial statements – If the organization does not receive an annual audit, CPA-reviewed financial statements are acceptable. If an independent audit or reviewed financial statements are unavailable, board-approved financial statements must be provided.

Applicants may be required to submit a completed W-9 at a later date.

Grants will be evaluated based on several factors, including but not limited to:
  • Demonstrated community need
  • Alignment with Community Development Grant Program goals
  • Proposed and past program outcomes, impacts and sustainability
  • Strategy to achieve outcomes
  • Organizational effectiveness
Resources to Assist with the Application
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  • After selecting SUBMIT APPLICATION, applicants can save a PDF copy of the application, and an automated email containing the application will be sent to the grant contact email address.
  • Appendix B contains Frequently Asked Questions
  • Appendix C contains examples of programs supported by FNBO’s Community Development Grant Program

If you have questions after reviewing the application and appendices A through C, direct them to:

1Applications for Affordable Housing & Neighborhood Stability and Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development are accepted only during Grant Cycle 1, beginning in January.
2Applications for Education & Workforce Development are accepted only during Grant Cycle 2, beginning in June.